Tips on Preparing for a Crisis

During the past two weeks there has been extensive damage to several Caribbean territories from encounters with hurricanes. Lots of people lost their homes and property and are in dire need of emergency supplies. Also, the catastrophic earthquakes in Mexico resulted in lots of injures and deaths.

Natural disasters can happen anywhere at any time. Also, life can take some unexpected turns in which you and your family may end up in unfortunate situations. Unexpected turns such as: job redundancy, home foreclosure, repossessed property, etc.

No matter what the circumstance, you still want to be able to survive while you try to turn things around. This is why we always need to be prepared as best as possible. Here are a few suggestions for being prepared for the unexpected:

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4 Tips for Managing Personal Finances

Money is everybody’s business. We all have personal finances and goals that we must take into consideration. One of my earlier posts spoke to finances within a marriage. However, individuals also have personal finances to manage.

(Check out my previous post, Marriage and Money: 5 Tips to Financial Management (CLICK HERE) to see how those tips can apply to your financial management.)

As we travel along our journey of life there will be things, whether tangible or intangible, that we want to acquire or achieve. For some it’s financial security, peace of mind or being an influence for good. For others it is owning a home, achieving higher standard of living, higher education, wealth and so on. Most of these involve some level of financial planning.

Here are some suggestions that you may consider when structuring your life goals and how you may set out to achieve them:

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Three Suggestions to Remedy Sleep Deprivation

More and more people seem to be suffering from sleep deprivation, myself included. I’ve experienced periods of sleep deprivation. Lately, a friend of mine mentioned that she has trouble falling asleep. Others have mentioned restless sleep, which happens to me more often that I would care to admit.

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5 Suggestions for Personal Projects

Today a friend sent me a link to an article. He thought it would be very useful to me. It spoke to remaking our personalities through projects – very insightful. Check out How our projects shape our personalities — and how we can use them to remake who we are (click here).

It broke down the projects into categories and the main category of focus was “intrapersonal projects”. These are the things that we purposefully do to instigate a change within us.

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Five Ways to Relieve Stress

Monday you wake up very early to get a head start on things. You prepare breakfast for you and your family, you get dressed and head out. You head to work, or you drop off the kids before heading to work, or maybe you head to school. After a full day of work, school or other activities, you head home or you pick up the kids and then head home. At home you now have to content with laundry, preparing dinner, cleaning or tidying up the home, homework and then start preparing for the next day. You finally get a break to read a book or watch your favorite show. However, you realize that it’s way passed your bedtime so you prepare for bed and try to fall asleep so that you can wake up and do it all over again.

Sounds familiar?


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Three Tips to Help Us to Keep Our “Cape” on

I have mornings when I don’t feel like getting out of bed, putting on my “cape” and being a responsible adult. Those mornings I would rather put aside my superwoman tendencies in order to be a vulnerable woman.

Work is work! So is school and interacting with other people. There can be strain and pressure from all areas of life. Sometimes we don’t want to be “the strong one”
or “the brave one”. Sometimes we want to be “the comforted” one and the “pampered one.”

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