Take a step back and see

Tuesday at work, I was called to be part of the planning committee for our ‘Christmas Staff Lunch’. This was rather shocking considering I haven’t been working there for a year yet. Nevertheless, I still decided that this might be a good idea to spread Christmas cheer (Christmas being the most wonderful time of the year).

The reality was that the privilege of having the company provide this meal (at no cost to the employees) was no longer available. So we need to come up with a more creative way to enjoy the season together as staff. When I listened to some of the feedback regarding this lost privilege, I realized that times have changed significantly.

Selfishness is on the rise (and has been on the rise for some time now) and love and unity is being depleted. The Christmas season is my favourite time of the year. During this time, I feel a heightened, indescribable inner peace and overwhelming desire to share with others. I usually try to channel that energy into homemade-craft gift ideas for persons who I think really need to be uplifted. Maybe I’m just crazy;  But it really is disappointing to hear people bicker about what they want, don’t want, you’ve to have, don’t have anymore, ME ME ME, I I I, ETC.

Is it really that hard to just set aside your worries and desires, just this once for the year, and reach out to someone? Is it that hard to appreciate the little things in life?


  • waking up to a beautiful sunrise
  • waking up to loved ones
  • being greeted with a huge hug and smile by your dog
  • feeling the crisp, cool air on your cheek
  • being grateful for good health

and the list goes on.

My point is, when do you actually take a step back and realize that we need each other in this life? We need love and support of those dear to us and sometimes even an encouraging word from a complete stranger can brighten our entire day.

Are we so hardened that we cannot see the rose blooming through the concrete? 

Have we  truly lost sight of the reason for the season?

No matter what faith you are affiliated with, let us take a step back and see the precious gifts we have in our lives. Let us be willing to share even a smile to brighten someone else’s life. Let’s try to love just a little more and hope just a little more. Let us try to live a little more.


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