Dog fight and What I Learned


Friday, while feeding these loves of mine, Brownie walked away from his bowl and then Rocky went over to it and ate the remaining food. SUPER HUGE mistake.

We tried everything to stop the dogs from literally tearing each other apart. Brownie would not loosen his grip in Rocky no matter what we tried.

In the end, I’m not even sure how we got them apart but they both suffered cuts and bruises and after awhile, you could see that they felt the weight of what they’d done.

Today, it was clear that they were both in pain but luckily no fatal injuries. They most slept.

How many times have we been guilty of similar situations?

How many times have we allowed ourselves to get so caught up in anger (usually over petty thinhs) and later realized it wasn’t worth all that drama?

I’ve done it. With my parents, my husband, friends, and even others. Whether or not we lash out in anger, allowing ourselves to become offended usually leads to an unpleasant situation.

Oftentimes, the person who offends you didn’t even mean to and are sometimes not even aware of doing so.

I prefer no drama and I prefer having inner peace. This year I’m taking a stance,

No more will I take offence. I will try to assume the good and let go of the bad.”

More love bring more happiness.
More happiness reduces stress.
Lower stress boosts our efficiency and creativity.

When we try to love more, then we’ll receive it more especially from our loved ones. They want to love us. But sometimes we make it hard for them. So let’s try to give a little more love and a little less grief for 2015.


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