My Weekly Planner Changed My Life: Here are Six Tips to Help You.

I read a really interesting post some time in December last year called The King of All Lists by 2HelpfulGuysIt really helped me in terms of how I was going to approach 2015. I know the year has only just begun but so far, I see the progress.

Firstly, I decided to make a list of personal goals that I wanted to accomplish by the end of 2015. My husband and I also made goals that we wanted to accomplish together by the end of 2015. Then I broke the goals down into daily task. All it takes is doing a little each day and by the end of the year, the macro goal will be achieved.

I have a list of a little over 10 things I want to personally achieve in 2015. I have goals ranging from something as simple as having long, healthy nails to something more complex as passing 2 Society of Actuary exams by the end of 2015.

What makes then achievable are the little tasks that are scheduled each day. So for long, healthy nails, my daily task is, “Do not bite nails”. Every day I accomplish that I check it off that day’s list of tasks. As for my exams, I am preparing for one of them in May. So every day I schedule “Study for one hour”. Sometimes I may do an hour, more than an hour or even half of an hour. Whenever I study, I check it off my list and make a note of the length of time I actually studied.

Having these daily objectives in front of me has motivated me. It feels so good to check things off the list everyday and that in itself pushes me to finish the list before heading to bed.

There are days when I get nothing done or barely anything done but that’s okay. We are not robots. There will be things that prohibit us from finishing everything on our list. I work full-time and sometimes I end up having to work late. Whenever this happens, I hardly every complete everything on the list. I am exhausted and just need to relax and sleep so that I can wake up for work the next day. These things happen and when they do, I chose not to be discouraged because I know that tomorrow is another day to be even better.

It is much better to do something than nothing at all. If I study for 40 minutes instead of an hour, well that 40 minutes more than I would’ve studied if I hadn’t made it an objective for that day. I also make a note of why I wasn’t able to complete everything on the list. One day I had to unexpectedly visit my Aunt and that took most of the day so I wrote it down. Another day I was having a migraine and had to go to bed early that night, so I wrote it down. Doing this helps me keep track of how I’m doing, why I’m not doing some things and how to improve for the next day.

Well I hope this post helps in some way. I know that I’ve seen positive changes in my year so far. I am motivated, I feel great physically, mentally and spiritually.

  • Set macro goals for 2015
  • Get a weekly planner and outline daily tasks that will help you to achieve the macro goals
  • If you don’t have a planner, then just make daily lists of these tasks
  • Check them off as you complete them
  • Review the list at the end of the day and make notes of why you were not able to complete everything or if you completed everything, make a note of what helped you to accomplish them.
  • Allow yourself to feel the progress and just Have FUN!

2 thoughts on “My Weekly Planner Changed My Life: Here are Six Tips to Help You.

  1. I too make daily lists, they help me maximize my day. As my wife said in the article, it does feel good to tick those things off!!! Plus it helps me to not waste time throughout the day wondering what to do next. But more than anything else it gives me purpose. Without purpose, we’re like ships on the open sea without sails or a rudder.

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