Random acts of kindness

Baby shower gift I bought for a Church sister who was feeling really unappreciated.
Diaper cake Baby shower gift I bought for a Church sister who was feeling really unappreciated.

There are days when we’ll feel vibrant and cheerful with a, “I can conquer the world” spirit. Then there are other days when we feel dazed and confused, not knowing in which direction to head. The latter we experience more often that we would like. So what do we do?

I find that when we step outside of yourselves for a bit and look around, we will see someone else who is in a similar/worse situation and they may need consoling or some small random act of kindness to give them hope to face another day. These random acts of kindness help both you and the other person. It is therapeutic when we extend ourselves to others especially in unique ways. We feel good doing it and it helps us realize that we aren’t the only ones having a rough time. It also helps to give us and the other person hope that things will get better and we can both make it through this life cheerfully.

Birthday treat for a friend. Includes an assortment of mini chocolates
Back view of birthday treat for friend

No matter how down we feel, look around and see if there is someone else you can help or serve. Especially if it’s something that maybe only you can do for them. This love for others, this selflessness, will help us to love yourselves more and to have a more positive outlook on life. It will also help us to dig deep and find that we have untapped potential and power to do things that we didn’t thing we were capable of.


2 thoughts on “Random acts of kindness

  1. Thanks for sharing this. Especially the step outside of ourselves part. We find a lot of ‘Me Me Me!!!’ in the world today and what we don’t realize is that the more we give to others is the more we receive.

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