Fear is Crippling

The thing that stops most of us from realizing our dreams and aspirations in life is fear. Fear is crippling. It stifles motivation and creativity. It forces us to become comfortable with our current situation – never striving for improvement.

For the last year, I’ve been in a job that is pretty routine. I follow the same procedures on a weekly basis. At first it was a challenge adapting to a new environment, new computer system and new processes. But after I understood these things, I realized that I became comfortable with the tasks and there was a sense of security it knowing what is to be done. This lead to a reduction is stress-levels because even if something unexpected happened, I was confident that I could handle it based on the working knowledge I had of my routine processes.

Then about a month ago, something unexpected happened – I was offered a better paying job by a company I had interviewed twice with in the past two years. Of course I accepted the offer. Yet, I was fearful of entering a new environment, getting to know new people, starting overand making mistakes.

I kept on thinking how comfortable I am at my current workplace – I knew how to execute my tasks accurately and in a timely manner. I thought about failing at my new job. I haven’t even started the job an already I am painting an epic picture of failing.

Thinking like this caused me to even consider not taking the new position. It was then I realized what was really happening.

Sometimes, when there is an opportunity for change and even growth, we reject it or try to talk ourselves out of taking the opportunity. We do this because of fear, fear of the unknown. I know this job is an opportunity for personal development and even career growth but now that I’ve gotten ‘comfortable’ at work, this ‘comfort zone’ is tempting me to stay there since it is what I already know and what I’ve gotten used to and good at.

If you’ve become a pro at your current job and you haven’t reached the highest heights of your career, then that means that it is time to move on to a more challenging role. Push past what you know, exceed your limitations. Clearly the employer that offered you this new and daring position saw potential in you and has faith that you will do a great job.

This is not limited to employment. In life, do not allow fear of the unknown to stop you from leaving your ‘comfort’ zone. Do not allow fear to limit your potential. The possibilities are endless. We just need to have faith, then we put out our best efforts in each endeavor. Once we do this, we would have grown past our former selves and become and even better self.

Life is growth and improvement. Fear is death. Take the reigns, be courageous and have faith. Even if we fail, we will become wiser and we would have grown. Love yourself enough to not limit your potential.

Be brave and live!


2 thoughts on “Fear is Crippling

  1. Really good stuff, and so true too. I like how its not limited to just careers but everything. Fear does affect everything we do if we let it. Fear is equal and opposite to faith. Fill your mind with faith and there’ll be no room for fear.


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