Feeling Motivated!

If you’re comfortable with your job, your education, your lifestyle and just overall environment, then chances are you have reached a plateau.

Comfort suggests stunted growth – hindrance to reaching your full potential.

That’s how I felt in my previous job. I was comfortable with going to work and doing my weekly routines and monthly routines. I was really tired after I got home and didn’t have time for much else. Furthermore, the company didn’t really have much opportunity for personal growth within the firm. So when I received a job offer I accepted it.

My first day on the new job!

I haven’t fully transitioned mentally as yet. I am still a little scared of the unknown. I know what the job looks like on paper but, Will I be able to handle it? Will I like it? Most importantly, will I be able to position myself in such a way for personal development and growth?

Well the reality is, I do have all those answers. The answers are whatever I choose to believe. I know I’m smart and I am a quick learner. So if I decide to think positive and to push myself towards my ambitions, I will achieve them or even greater.

We are all different and value different things. However, we need to have more confidence in ourselves and we need to act.

Talk less. Do more in order to be what you want to be and to achieve what you want.

Be a ‘go-getter’ !

Now go out there and get what’s yours!


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