Say No to Bullying/Persecution!

I started a new job last week in a pension administration unit. I still haven’t adjusted to the environment and the culture. I’m still trying to get accustomed to the other employees. I’m still trying to keep an open mind. However, there are some things that truly make it difficult to feel at home in a strange new place. One of these things I experienced for the first time in my life, religious persecution.

Yes people, I said it.

People are bullied and persecuted for many things, including the way they look, talk, act and even what they believe. Even though this has become a common occurrence, it is NOT okay.

I believe that everyone has the ability and the opportunity to choose. We choose our hair colour, our clothes and even our faith. There are many different faiths out there. We are not all the same. Of course we can and should discuss our beliefs with each other in a healthy environment (free from offense and persecution) and in a natural way. However, I don’t believe that we should impose our beliefs on another individual.

Asking questions is great! Giving answers is even better! But  at no point should we try to coerce persons to accept our belief system, especially after rebuking theirs.

I was truly hurt by some of the things that senior manager said. He is agnostic and that’s a belief system he has chosen. I’m not going to rebuke him for it. It would be great if he came to accept my faith but at the end of the day, everyone may choose the path that they feel is right.

I am LDS and I firmly believe the teachings of the Church. I’ve taken my ‘beating’ and I walked away gracefully. I did not try to force him to accept or join my faith and I didn’t appreciate him trying to convince me that my faith is wrong, stupid or convenient.

I appreciate all faiths but more importantly, I appreciate all persons who inspire others to do good and to help them be their best selves. It is my hope that one day we can be a race (human race) that can see beyond colour, socio-economic status and even religion. I hope one day that we can see each other for who we really are, who we were meant to be, and who we have become.



Do not fight back with words or with physical attacks. Instead, show them the beautiful person that you are by just being yourself every day and living a happy life.

If bullying continues, report it to the relevant authorities (teachers or principal at school, manager or higher at work, parents or spouse and if necessary the police).

Through it all, know that you are beautiful and that you are loved.

Keep smiling!


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