Three Lessons I’ve Learnt from My Experience With Cancer

Lately, I have been feeling really overwhelmed with events in my life. In a nutshell, there’s some critical illness, financial challenges, sinking or swimming at work.

My mother did surgery in February of this year to remove both her thyroid glands, one of which was immensely swollen. It was a relief that the surgery was very successful. There were no complications during or after the surgery. Just when you think you can exhale a sigh of relief, we find out that my mother has to start radiation treatment based on the results of the thyroid gland biopsy. Cancer cells are in her body and spreading.

I love my mother very much. I would never want to lose anyone that is dear to me (that includes especially my husband, mother, father and future children). In light of that new found knowledge, it has put an even bigger strain on both my parents finances and our (my husband and I) finances.

On top of everything, my new job has been really demanding and I haven’t had time for much else. My field requires a high level of accuracy with respect to calculations and data reconciliation, I hardly think that being thrown in the deep end of the water to sink or swim was the greatest approach.

Despite the woes, there is still hope. There will always be difficulties that we have to face. But there is always a way to overcome them and gain strength and wisdom from those experiences.

Things I have learnt from these challenges:-

  • Love and appreciate lifeyou never know when something will come along and threaten it, so take some time to really enjoy life.
  • Work isn’t everythinghaving a good job/successful career is great and a good thing to strive for, but think about the sacrifices along the way. When you look back on your life, will all that time and effort put into work be worth the sacrifices you have made? Will it be worth putting other things (for example, family time) secondary?
  • There is always light at the end of a dark tunnelwe just need to catch the vision and seek it

My mother is truly a strong and inspiring woman. Through all this, she has been cheerful and full of hope; something I have come to appreciate and because of that, I know her treatment will be successful (light at the end of the tunnel). I’m grateful that we at least have financial options to fund this treatment (even more light at the end of the tunnel). I’m learning a lot from work and understanding the processes more and more each day. I am also grateful for the opportunity at work to be groomed for managerial duties by my Manager since she will be taking maturity leave soon and it is her desire that I fill in for her in that capacity during that time (even greater light at the end of the tunnel).


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