All About Caitlyn Jenner

Everyone’s talking about Bruce Jenner’s conversion to Caitlyn Jenner. Let me firstly say that I am a Christian and I firmly believe that we were all created by the same Being. I also believe that we all have different challenges in our lives that we will need to overcome. Furthermore, we were all given the gift of choice (ability to choose).

Based on my religious views, I wouldn’t be telling anyone to get a sex change. However, if someone does make that transformation (like Cait), I will respect their choice and still see them as another human being  just like me, trying to find happiness while enduring the many challenges life throws at me.

With that said, no matter how we feel about transgender individuals or even homosexuals, bisexuals, etc, they are still people who feel pains just like everyone else and who have struggles in life just as we all do.  Therefore, I think we should still provide unconditional love to those around us who struggle with challenges that are “different” to us even if we can’t fully understand it. Let us not judge the choice of others in a negative way. Instead let us try to lift each other up especially when we are struggling.

So my message to Caitlyn and others like her, and just everyone in general is, you are beautiful, you have purpose, you are loved.


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