Creating Balance in Four Easy Steps

Especially in recent months, I’ve come to appreciate the importance of living a balanced life. You need to take time to renew your physical, mental/psychological, emotional/social and your spiritual self.

I will admit that I have fallen off tremendously in several of these areas. However, I am trying to work on it. Here are a few things that I think will help to keep the balance in our lives.

  1. Physical:  try to work out at least 3 times for the week. It can be as simply as walking or jogging to get your heart rate up. Also eat healthier by minimizing the amount of greasy, salty and sweet foods you consume. Overall you will have more energy and you will feel great.
  2. Mental/Psychological: try to do mind stimulating activities such as reading at least one book per month, learn a new skill and of course practice positive thinking.
  3. Emotional/Social: be helpful and give service. Serving others makes us feel good and of course makes the person being served feel good. We all need some form assistance at some point in our lives so why not pay it forward and start giving love and caring for others.
  4. Spiritual: find meaning and purpose in your life. Take time to reflect and think about your daily routine, your goals (short and long term) and why you do the things you do. The end game should be to live a happy and fulfilling life. Once you figure out the things that will produce that outcome, start channeling your energy into those things.

I hope you will find these tips as helpful as I do. Life is short therefore the time to start living is now. Be happy and love.


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