Refiner’s Fire: Four Lessons

Gold, like other precious metals, goes through a refining process in order to extract the pure metal from its ore. This process of refining involves extreme heat and extreme pressure. In the end, the impurities are removed and the pure and precious gold is left.

As humans, we can also be resilient like gold. We can undergo very grueling, challenging and painful experiences and end up coming out stronger and better than before. Trials are hard…..really hard. But we have the opportunity to either choose to make the situation break us or choose to let it refine us like gold.

This year has been quite challenging. I haven’t found my passion and as a result I’m stuck in a job I dislike. I have debt to repay and a business to start even though I do not have money to do either muchless both (looking at other viable options with my business partner). I also have to pay for exams I don’t want to take because I don’t want to continue working in my current field. I work until late and I’m tired when I get home and on weekends I have other obligations. I hardly have time to spend with my husband and I almost never have time for myself to just recoup.

All of this sounds like a bunch of complaints but they’re all my personal struggles. I can choose to either let them break me (I must admit I thought they did once) or let them refine me and make me better than ever. We all have our burdens that seem insurmountable to us. But we can either look at them as impossible inconveniences or we can look at them as opportunities for growth.

Let’s summarize:

  1. Challenges/Trials/Burdens = Opportunities for growth (refiner’s fire)
  2. Stay positive and press on with the end goal in sight
  3. Make plans to improve your situation and execute
  4. Remember to have fun



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