Make Time for the Things You Love in Four Easy Steps

Life get so busy sometimes that we forget to make time for the things that we love. Whether it’s family, outdoor activities or just “me” time.

My job is so demanding and time consuming that most times I’m too tired to do anything but sleep. However, all work and no play makes Jill a very dull girl.

At the beginning of 2015 I made a list of personal goals I wanted to achieve. One of them was wanting to read more. So I set the goal of reading 12 books for the year. I also made a plan as to how I would go about achieving this. I decided to make a note in my daily planner to read. I realized that based on my  schedule, the best time for me to read was on the way to work. So I set aside that 15-20 minutes as my reading time. So far, I’m on track to finish my 5th book at the end of October. Unfortunately this is about half-way from where I should be but it doesn’t matter. What matters is, I found a way to make reading a part of my life again – making time for something I love.

Here’s are a FOUR suggestions on how to start doing what you love:

  1. Make a list of things you want to accomplish within a specific time frame.
    This could be that you want to become more fit and healthy in the next 6 months or that you want to be able to play your favorite Christmas carol on the piano by Christmas. Maybe your goal is to have more family activities. Whatever your goal is, write it down.
  2. Make a plan
    You can write in your daily planner or on your daily “to-do” list, what you are doing to do to achieve that goal. For the fitness and health example, maybe you will start jogging everyday and you will drink 2 litres of water daily. For the piano challenge, maybe you will spend 10-15 minutes everyday practicing to play your favorite Christmas carol. In order to increase your family time, maybe you can set aside a specific day(s) that you do something as a family (family game night, crafting, family vlog, weekly family outing). All it takes are small and simple things. DO NOT put too much pressure on yourself. You know what your schedule is like and you know your own capacity. Customize your activities to how you think you will be able to manage.
  3. It’s OKAY if you miss a day
    If your plan was to jog everyday and you missed a day, IT IS OKAY. Just continue doing it the next day. Remember that these are plans not obligations. The world will not end if you do not do them. Things will come up that may cause you to forfeit your original plans. All you have to do is plan to do it the next day and hopefully nothing unexpected happens.
  4. Enjoy the journey, it makes the destination more worthwhile
    Let’s say your goal was to become more fit and healthier in 6 months by jogging everyday and drinking 2 litres of water everyday. Let’s say you missed some days of jogging. Maybe you were only able to jog 3 times for the week and on average you drank 1.5 litres of water daily at the end of the 6 months. Let’s say you didn’t get to have a weekly family outing, maybe it was a monthly family outing and maybe you were only able to do an indoor family activity once every two weeks. So what?! Maybe you didn’t get to execute your goal the way you intended but I’m sure you would be more fit now that 6 months ago when you weren’t even doing any form of exercise and you’re healthier now since you stopped drinking those artificial juices so that you could increase your water intake to 1.5 litres. Also, having a family activity every two weeks and a monthly family outing is a heck of a lot better than no family time at all. At least now you have been able to create lasting memories.

I know that I won’t end up reading 12 books by the end of 2015 but I’m really proud of myself because now I have integrate reading into my daily routine which is one of my favorite past-times. 

Make time to do what you love. You’ll be a happier, more relaxed, more creative and more loving you.


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