Is Mental Health Important? Tips on Taking Care of Your Mental Health

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Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of blog posts and videos on mental health. It really made me sit and think for a minute about my own mental health. I started asking myself a few questions:

  • Am I really taking care of myself mentally?
  • Do I take time to slow down and regroup?
  • What is my stress level like on a daily basis?
  • Am I really taking time to enjoy life?

Those were just a few of the questions that flooded my mind but they were definitely thought provoking.

I realized that I could do more to take care of my mental health. I realized that I haven’t really slowed down in a while. My stress level has sky rocketed and I’ve been experiencing feelings of anxiety a lot more than I would care to admit. My efforts to enjoy life are short-lived due to this ongoing stress and anxiety. So I decided to do something about it.

I had a lovely spa day at Jencare Skinfarm where I received a Swedish massage, a manicure, pedicure and a facial. The staff are very pleasant and courteous and the services are great. I definitely will be returning in a couple of months.

If you’ve been feeling burnt out, or maybe you’re not burnt out as yet but you haven’t really taken time to pause and relax, then here are some tips I have found really useful:

  1. Daily Meditation: Deliberately set aside ten minutes out of your mornings to firstly clear your mind and focus on deep breathing. Then visualize your objectives and what you would like to achieve that day.
  2. Prioritize: I love planners and lists. I recommend making a list of the tasks that you plan to accomplish that day and then rank them in order of importance. Focus on accomplishing the most important tasks. That way you will most likely complete all of the priority tasks. The tasks of lesser importance can be done the next day if they were not completed. Also, you may use a planner to schedule appointments, events, tasks, etc days or weeks in advance.
  3.  Do Something You Enjoy: Everyday you should schedule some time to do something you love. It can be for fifteen minutes, half hour, an hour maybe two hours, whatever the time frame your daily schedule allows for. You can watch your favourite show, read about something that interests you, craft, blog, vlog, meet up with friends, exercise and anything else that you like to do. I find that taking this break from my routines helps me to feel revitalized and more focused when I resume my regular duties.
  4. Exercise: Many of you might be thinking, “What does exercise have to do with mental health?” Well it has a lot to do with it. Exercise helps to increase endorphin production (the “feel good” hormone as I like to refer to it as) and reduces the amount of Cortisol in our body which makes us healthier and happier. So it’s a good idea to try exercising at least three times a week.
  5. Eliminate Negative Thinking: This is a must! Negative thinking, if prolonged, can increase mental health issues such as anxiety disorders, bipolar-ism and depression just to name a few. Your zest for life slowly seeps away over time. Overall it just does not make you feel good.
  6. Unplug: It’s a good idea to turn off your phones and electronic devices for maybe an hour or two to spend time with the people who matter the most. Designate some quality time with your family and friends at least once per week. This helps to build and maintain important relationships.
  7.  Do Something for Someone Else: Lots of people take this tip for granted. It is so rewarding to do something nice for someone else even if they don’t thank you. It really replenishes and uplifts the soul. You don’t have to look far. You may help a family member, a neighbour, a friend or even a random person you see that may need help carrying a lot of bags. It may even be as simple as just talking to an elderly person and making them feel appreciated. Whatever you decide I know it will be worthwhile for you and the person you serve.



You have one life so take care of it. Mental Health is a growing concern. We need to ensure that we are taking care of our physical health and our mental health. This will lead to happier and more successful lives.


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